Sunday, January 31, 2016

Day 28 30 Paintings in 30 Days Challenge

3 Leather Pump  6x6 WAtercolor and Gouache on Marbled Paper
​Well I'm painting in the "groove" and can't seem to stop.  I know I'm going to go through withdrawals at the end of this Challenge!!  I'm going to post the three paintings I worked on yesterday and today.  Since I started a few days late I might even catch up and get 30 paintings in the Challenge.

​The first one is a more casual pump which attracted me to a different kind of fantasy setting on where you could wear such a shoe.  I love the different leathers he used in the design of the shoe.  I've always like purple and it was an intresting combination of brown, orange, gray and purple leathers on different parts of the shoe.  I used the marbled paper because I thought it would show off the colors and textures better than other papers I could have used.  I did have to highlight the paper to make it all happen and bring the shoe forward.

Summer Watermelon Pump 6x6 on Marbled Paper

The marbled paper was almost like tissue paper and so wetting it again both on the background and in painting the shoe was a little more difficult but because the marbling is acrylic paints I think it held it together.  I like this one a lot better than the one on Yupo.  It speaks to what I wanted to portray.  Summer will be coming and wouldn't it be fun to have a pair of shoes to wear to the first summer party!  It was a little difficult to get the clear part of the shoe to appear with the busy background but watered down white gouache seemed to do the trick on both paintings.  Gene Gill always said to use whatever tools you need to finish a painting and he used gouache a lot in his awesome paintings.  Thanks Gene!! 

​The paint went crazy when I mixed these particular colors for the background -- obviously the characteristics of possibly Skip's Green didn't like the other pigments?  The salt added to the texture which I think is a mistake on Yupo.  There are two versions of this shoe because I really wasn't sure I could even pull this one off.  Sure need to sign it again if I finish it behind glass or acrylic.

Summer Watermelon Pump 2 Watercolor and Gouache on Yupo

Day 31 30 Paintings in 30 Days Challenge Collages

Yeah --  I did start 3 days into the Challenge and reworked two of my paintings but I managed to get 27 completed.  It was really fun painting them, fun getting likes and comments from people on Facebook that I know and new friends who were following me as well.  I'm looking forward to viewing the artists who participated  on the Challenge blog because when you put them altogether it is really fun to see.

All these paintings are 6x6 except the Ballerina Toe Shoes (20x16) and the Orange and Black Striped Pump is 12x12.  

I like to paint on different surfaces so some are on 
AquaBord 2" cradle
Marbled Paper I had done a couple of summers ago on different kinds of paper,
Old paintings were revived by cropping the part I liked for the painting
I love to paint on Fabriano 300 lb paper the best when using Dr. Ph. Martin Hydrus Watercolors.

Most of these will have to be sealed before mounting on a 2" or 3" cradle. The Yupo paintings actually look better under acrylic or glass.  I could put any of the ones on watercolor paper under glass in a frame as well.  We'll have to see if the potential buyers want something specific then I can accommodate their wishes.  I do have three other shoe paintings done this past year which are also available and are mounted and sealed already.

I'm thinking of doing a poster print or some other way of reproducing a grouping of the shoes, not necessarily all 27.  I might also do a calendar for 2017 if any of you are interested, please let me know.

Diana Nadal Shoe Collage

Saturday, January 30, 2016

Day 30 30 Paintings in 30 Days Challenge

Voila!  Today is the final day of the Challenge and I'm sad and happy at the same time.  My family will definitely be happier when there is not so much painting going on "under the gun," so to speak.  This has been an awesome experience for me and I hope a fun one as you have followed me through the days with different shoes, "pumps" being posted.  When I post the entire collection tomorrow in a collage I hope each of you will take the opportunity to look at them and it would really be fun for me to have a voting of which of the paintings were you top 2.

I started with a Valentine tribute and I wanted to end with a Valentine tribute because what a wonderful holiday to express your love to your family and friends in a special way.  Hopefully it isn't the only day where we focus on those special people in our lives.  I really loved how the marbled design radiates hearts from the shoe -- I used several pinks, reds, magentas and jeune brilliant for the inner sole.

Be My Valentine  Day 30  6x6 Watercolor on Marbled Paper
 I had one more piece of that original painting that I thought would do justice to this beautiful shoe.  The colors aren't quite as bright as I wanted but I was running out of time today.  I do have other things to get done today.  I used phthalo blue, perinone orange, Hansa Yellow Lt, Skip's Green and a touch of black to outline.
Rainbow Python Pump  6x6 Watercolor on 300 lb Watercolor paper
 There is something about this color on Yupo that makes any painting look good.  I had to rewet the background at the end and actually it is still wet when I took the photo .  I love the background and I really love how intricate the pattern on the shoe is considering they were dealing with the materials of the shoe.  Love the open toe as well.  Hmmmm  another shoe I'd love to have in my closet and I already have a few outfits to go with it.
Aqua Snakeskin Geometric Pump  6x6 Watercolor on Yupo

Friday, January 29, 2016

Day 29 30 Paintings in 30 Day Challenge

Today I've worked on two paintings that are painted on different surfaces and the backgrounds were painted earlier.

The Aqua Leopard Pump  6x6 Watercolor on Yupo.  I sprayed the background with several of the turquoise and aqua Dr. Ph. Martin Hydrus Watercolors -- even a little of the Payne's Gray which helped to darken parts of the background.  I babysat my painting and swirled it as often as I could to get a difference in the color as it was drying.  I even applied some additional Aqua after the shoe was completed to get a little different texture on the right side.  The shoe was painted with Lamp Black, Burnt Umber and Blue Aqua.  I do love "slings" so this shoe appealed to me from the beginning.  With a love of Africa as you can see over time in my paintings there had to be some wild animal influence in the shoes as well.
Aqua Leopard Pump  6x6 Watercolor on Yupo

Being resourceful I cut up one of my painting's from last year's challenge that wasn't one I was totally happy with trying to make the design better.  The background was perfect for this shoe when I was trying to match it.  My Mom loved polka dots and as I was growing up she made me a little fur jacket with red polka dot lining and when I saw this shoe I knew it had to be painted.  I also wore a one shoulder black and white polka dot with three tiers of lace short dress to one of our formals in high school -- so the polka dots bring back good memories.

I used Dr. Ph. Martin Hydrus Watercolors:  Ultramarine and mixed a little black with it in the shadowing on the shoe.  I used White Gouache to make the white stand out from the underpainting. I used Vermillion Hue for the red.  It does take several layers of intense paint to cover when you have backgrounds like this one if you don't want it showing through.

Navy Red and White Polka Dot Pump  6x6 Watercolor and Gouache on 300 lb watercolor paper

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Day 27 30 Paintings in 30 Days Challenge

Well, here is a painting on Yupo (a plastic used by the printing industry) I mentioned several days ago.  It is a very slick and nonporous surface so the paint sits on top.  Most of the time I burnish the wet paint to set it before applying any other colors or layers.  I just let these sit.  The colors always remain exactly as they were applied.  I did move the board around so the pools of color could flow in different directions.  With the wet weather it took awhile to dry.

I was a little disappointed because I did masque the whites in the shoe but the masque didn't want to come off easily on this surface.  I also applied some sea salt to the surface and that isn't what I would do in the future.  Many layers were applied using white gouache and I added more black to the shoe itself.  I really think this pump is outstanding but spending many hours painting it, I'll have to stand back and not look at it for a day -- hope you enjoy looking though.  I still might create a dark shadow under the shoe before finishing and sealing this or putting it under glass -- whichever I decide.  Yupo actually looks great under acrylic or glass.
Black and Whte Striped Pump  6x6 Watercolor and Gouache on Yupo

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Day 26 30 Paintings in 30 Days Challenge

I actually painted ahead a day in the event since I was so motivated.  This really is a fun and comfortable pump.  I brought out the colors a little more than the original shoe.  I don't think it is for sale any longer but I will check it out before going on my shoe shopping trip some day very soon.  It reminds me of Oregon State colors -- for all you alumni!

This is one of the backgrounds I painted at the beginning of the Challenge using the webbing and spraying with Dr. Ph. Martin Hydrus Watercolors.  I did enhance the background with a little of the Quin Coral from Daniel Smith.  I also used about three different orange reds to make the shoe "pop":  Quin Coral, Perinone Orange, and Cad Red Light--first wash.  These colors were fairly transparent and needed many layers to paint over the background.  Sometimes I like to leave it showing through but this time I was trying to paint over it.

Striped Orange and Black Platform 6x6 Watercolor on 300 lb Fabriano

Monday, January 25, 2016

Day 25 30 Paintings in 30 Days Challenge

This is one of the paintings where the background was from when I did marbling with Susie Cowan.  It was really fun but I have never found a way to use what I did that day on paper in a new painting.  I love the design that was formed with the combing techniques and I also thought the colors all complemented the black shoe with lace and stones.  I could see myself wearing this shoe comfortably and that made it fun to paint today.  I used gold, iresdescent and interference silver in addition to lamp black.

Black and Lace Slipper Pump  6x6 Watercolor on Marbled Paper

Sunday, January 24, 2016

Day 24 30 Paintings in 30 Days Challenge

I was excited to paint this pump today because I personally like to wear a sling heel and have an open toe.  Turquoise is one of my favorite colors on my palette as well.  I decided to take a look in my old paintings to see if there were any good backgrounds to use the rest of the way in the Challenge.  Yeah, I found quite a few to use.  The problem with this background was I didn't realize that there was still fluid on the paper.  It was this great grayish color and so I had to do a little maneuvering to get it to be similar.  The heel was different from any other shoe I've seen and it certainly would keep me stable -- gosh, another shoe I think I need to own......

I used Quiller's turquoise and also Cobalt Teal Daniel Smith.  I used Moonlight Interference and Silver Interferace by Daniel Smith to give the heel and background a little glow.  Jeaune Brilliant for the sole.

I spent the morning getting the paintings lined up for the rest of the Challenge and worked on seeing if I could pull off a mostly white shoe on Yupo to my satisfaction -- stay tuned.

When I think of Turquoise I think of the SW desert and so it is named.
SW Desert Platform Pump  6x6 Watercolor on 300 lb rough

Saturday, January 23, 2016

Day 23 30 Paintings in 30 Days Challenge

It was somewhat of a challenge to get the right shoe to work with this background because parts of the background I wanted to highlight the pump.  I'm not sure where I would wear this pump but what a kick it would be to have a pair.  There were several catchy phrases which popped into my mind but I thought I should reject them when it comes to flames and putting out the fire.....

Anyway, I had to really lay on the jeune brilliant to have it show up on the darker background -- many layers and then finding two colors to blend with it to delineate the shadows and darker colors on the insole.  All in all it was a lot of detail work but I'm happy with the result. I think I'll resign it -- signature looks a little weak.

Hope you like it too.
Blazing Pump  6x6 Watercolor on Fabriano 300 lb

Friday, January 22, 2016

Day 22 30 Paintings in 30 Days Challenge

I spent several hours this morning matching the backgrounds I have painted over the Challenge with the shoes I had selected as potential prospects.  It was a fun morning deciding if I could come up with the next 8 days of paintings and which backgrounds need to be painted.

This background had lots of potential to shine with several of the pumps but in the end I chose another shoe that I would love to own in my closet.  I really like the combination of the red and black--no wonder since I am a Black Tornado!  The shimmery cast of a silverish glow made it a little more difficult to paint but I learned a lot in the process.

I painted the entire shoe Brilliant Cad Red and then Carbon Black in the parts of the shoe that were black.  I placed some netting over the shoe while it was still damp and lightly brushed over the areas to be cast in the shimmer with a broader brush.  I weighted the netting down with another matboard and let it dry.  I wanted it to be very subtle so I could build on it or lift depending on what needed to be done.  I did decide that the red should be Quinacridone Coral and lightly brought out the background to match the more brilliant color.
Red and Black Shimmer Pump  6x6 Watercolor

Thursday, January 21, 2016

Day 21 30 Paintings in 30 Days Challenge

I picked this shoe to paint last year as one I would love to really have in my closet to wear.  I liked the darker reddish hue to the shoe's python leather and of course the trademark of the red inside heel and sole.  It was a tougher color with all the shadows to paint than I thought earlier.  I tried a number of reds, dark reds, red browns and used a number of them mixed to try and get the variety of colors in the shoe but remain homogenious(sp).  I also decided to outline with darker watercolor pencils.  In the end I also used interference red to give the color a little lift.  The background reminded me of trees in a tropical jungle where the pythons might live--safe with this painting.

Red Python Pump   Watercolor 6x6 

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Day 20 30 Paintings in 30 Days Challenge

I loved this background from the first day of this challenge and rediscovered this shoe which not only fit with the color but it afforded me the opportunity to even "wow" it more with the faint sunburst behind the shoe.  Too much fun.  I used a little colored watercolor pencil to outline and add interest on the shoe itself.  Really a quick one today because I needed some time to work on my other business.  The sun wasn't shining today but it wasn't raining most of the day either so this subject is timely.  Hoping to bring sunshine into your life.......

Colorburst Pump  Watercolor on 6x6 Fabriano 300 lb. Watercolor paper